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Cake Bars


Exquisite slices of cake made with all natural ingredients. A perfect accompaniment to tea and coffee. Delightful at breakfast, great for packed lunches, or a simply satisfying pick me up any time of the day. Baked in Plymouth MI, each batch is handmade in small quantities to ensure quality and consistency.


Wholesome, Simple & Honest


Cake Bars are made with simple & honest all natural ingredients. Using organic flour, cage free vegetarian-fed eggs, organic dried fruits, natural honey, and sea salt are some ways Peach & Honey Cake Bars maintain a clean label. Cake Bars contain no artificial flavors or chemical preservatives (such bromates or sulphites), no hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup, no artificial fillers or sweeteners. Ever.


Raising the Bar


Hello and welcome to Peach & Honey! Established in the summer of 2017, Peach & Honey is an all natural baking company, home to the Cake Bars. 

I’ve enjoyed baking as a creative hobby for a long time, always intrigued by the science behind this gastronomical art. Perhaps the bakes I've enjoyed making most for family and friends are cakes and cookies to be served with tea. Over the years, I tweaked and played with an heirloom pound cake recipe, creating variations with fresh and dried fruits, citrus zest, nuts, spices, and herbs. I'd put a spin on classics or take inspiration from my travels. I'd bake these in a variety of shapes; in loaf pans, bundt pans and muffin tins. With sheet cakes I'd adjust and formulate recipes to make bar cookies. 

To further indulge my culinary curiosities, I enrolled in a Baking and Pastry Arts culinary program. Upon graduation, and armed with newly honed skills, I was ready to embark on my own baking venture.  

My baked creations had to be wholesome, all natural and reflect my love of global flavors. And I was going to steer away from artificial & modified ingredients, additives, preservatives; chemicals that pose serious health risks by having a profound effect on our body’s unique biochemical balance. 

Hence came forth Peach & Honey with Cake Bars. All natural slices of cake inspired by family favorite flavors. I'm thrilled to share my baked creations with you! Production in the commercial kitchen is still not too different from home; each bake is lovingly handcrafted in small batches and free from any artificial ingredient.

Thank you!

Humaira Arain